Kite Surf

Experience kite surf along one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mauritius island! Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel Mauritius has the privilege to shelter, within its site, a professional kitesurf centre from KiteGlobing.

The hotel is ideally situated on the authentic East coast, the new Eldorado of kite surfers and benefits from a pleasant breeze all year round and perfect side winds.

Its wide turquoise lagoon offers the ideal frame, whether you are a beginner or for advanced levels. The kite surf centre is ideally situated at the edge of the beach just next to the bar and to the swimming pool.

His professional certified team ' VDWS/IKO ' will guide you throughout this experience and will guarantee you the optimal conditions to practice this discipline in complete safety with the last equipment of North Kiteboarding.

The KiteGlobing centre proposes the following services on site:

  • Lessons of kite surf (private (1: 1) or semi-private (2: 1) *
  • Rental of Kitesurf equipment (available only for the levels VDWS - 5 or IKO - 3) *
  • Licenses of Kitesurf VDWS and IKO *
  • Stand up paddle (SUP)


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